InfyOm Technologies

InfyOm Technologies
Entrepreneur & CEO & Founder at InfyOm Technologies. Platform Architect at Neon Mobile. I got a vast experience of building successful products since last more than 8+ years. I am well versed in various technologies and since the world of IT is always evolving, I make my best efforts to keep pace with it. I know how to use multiple technologies to form the best solution. I worked as a CTO at Avinashi Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 2+ years and was chief Tech Lead with managing multiple products including Product Development, Team Management, UI/UX Development etc. In past, I worked in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Flex & AS3 and as a Team Leader for 4+ years and had a great experience of developing large scale applications, defining Product Architecture, Coding Best Practices, Team Leading, Project Management, Database Design etc. Also worked in VC++ for 1.5 years and had a knowledge of MFC and System programming... Also, I had a knowledge of various technologies like Python (with Google App Engine), JavaScript, PHP with Frameworks like Laravel & CodeIgniter, MongoDB, SQL, Java, HTML, CSS, AngularJS etc. Good Knowledge of various Technologies & Databases, SPEEDY & New learning are my plus points...
Information Technology,
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Android Developer

Company Name:InfyOm Technologies   Post by:Mitul

Android Developer Employment Outline We are searching for an Android engineer with a decent comprehension...

KeySkills:Information Technology