sales executive, telesales executive, sales coordinator

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    Fresher-2.5 yrs.

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    Sales & marketing

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    -Time Management -Telephone Sales -Selling to Customer Needs -Prospecting Skills -Motivation for Sales -Handles Rejection -Professionalism -Industry Knowledge -Communication Skills

sales executive, telesales executive, sales coordinator


Job Description

sales executive, telesales executive, sales coordinator.

Sales Coordinator - Ahmadabad Wide Angle Global 0 - 3yrs Ahmedabad     Job responsibillity : The Sales Coordinator will solicit orders for services by smartly - identifying prospects, telephoning customers and persuading them to buy services. Shalll be responsible for organizing telephonic sales and marketing activities, as well as maintaining an effective sales filing system and a building a database of potential clients. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES   -Responsible for data mining and identifying potential clients through various online and offline platforms and formally maintain & update a well-documented database to generate business. She is responsible for detailed extraction of data with respect to potential clients and their businesses. -Formulate industry specific pitch according to prospect clients to support lead conversion. Take the lead on organizing the resources necessary to put together high quality sales pitch. -Calls prospective customers by operating telephone equipment and influences them to buy products and services by following a prepared sales pitch in order to schedule potential sales meeting as per the availability of the Sales Representative (through a tracker). She is responsible for maintaining and updating the tracker. -Ensure effective follow-up in accordance with the client until the meeting is scheduled. -Utilize company resources to develop a filing system that keeps all potential sales records/files available digitally and maintain confidentiality of any document/data with respect to the client and WAG -Ensure the inventory of custom sales presentation materials such as brochures and presentation folders is always up to date. -Maintain and uplift the companys Brand Image. -Must ensure confidentially of data with respect to any client and WAG -Complete delegated tasks within deadlines ensuring that the guidelines by the Supervisor/HOD are followed. Competencies: -Results Driven -Persistence -Time Management -Telephone Sales -Selling to Customer Needs -Prospecting Skills -Motivation for Sales -Handles Rejection -Professionalism -Industry Knowledge -Communication Skills