Node.js Developer

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    Rs 10000-15000

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    Fresher-1 yrs.

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    Software Development

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Node.js Developer


Job Description

Job Duties: 
- Confirmed optimized delivery
- Continuosly discover, Evaluate and implement new technology to maximize development efficiency.
- develop server side basic, Definition and maintenance of the central data base and ensuring high perfomance and responsiveness to requests from the front end

Job Responsibilities:
- Integration of user facing element developed by front end developer with server side logic
- Writing reusable, testable and efficient codes.
- collaborate with team to define, design and ship new features
- Identify & fix bugs
- Design & implementation of low-latency, high-Availability ans performance applications
- Give proper time estimation & Deliver o time
- Continusly discover evaluate and implement new technology to maximize development efficiency

Key Skill:
- Java script
- Knowledge of Node.Js and frame works, Basic knowledge of HTML5,css3, AJax, Angular JS, Web Serever optimisation techniques, Mongo DB, MYSQL

MInimum Requirement:
- Strong knowledge of java Script
- Strong Knowledge of Node.JS and frame Work
- Understanding nature of asynchronous programming and its quirus and wor arounds
- User Authentication & Authonization between multiple system, Servers
- Integration of multiple data sources and database into one system.