Life Adviser

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    Rs 15000-20000

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    Sales & marketing

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Life Adviser

Job Description

Life Adviser   As an extra security organization money related guide, you welcome clients, answer questions, examine protection alternatives, investigate clients' livelihoods and costs, inquire about disaster protection openings and make tweaked plans. You help customers complete desk work about way of life propensities and any long-or momentary ailments, just as examine how age influences disaster protection premiums and inclusion. Insurance agency money related counsels additionally screen customers' records to decide whether changes in inclusion are required and help customers plan for explicit life-changing conditions, such as getting hitched or having youngsters. Kotak Life Insurance provides exciting job prospects to candidates wanting to become a life advisor. Read the various success stories of our proud life insurance Know all about your Kotak Life Insurance Advisors. Just enter their Agent ID and you will find the information you need about our Life Advisor.