Area Manager / Sr.Branch Manager

  • Location


  • Salary

    Rs 40000-50000

  • Experience

    7-9.5 yrs.

  • Qualification


  • Company Email Send Mail

  • Required Skill

    Sales & marketing

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Area Manager / Sr.Branch Manager

Area Manager / Sr.Branch Manager for Ahmedabad, Ankleshwar & Vapi

Job Description

As an Area Manager / Sr.Branch, you would be expected to:  

  1. New business development: Acquire strategic, high value clients spread across multiple industry verticals
  2. Retention of existing business
  3. Build effective client relationship
  4. Own end to end customer relationship and satisfaction
  5. Support, review and approve the sales strategies for each business and lead sales central projects or initiatives
  6. Establish in conjunction with businesses new business opportunities and targets
  7. Monitor businesses performance against target both volume and margin
  8. Coordinate corrective actions to sales programs, if necessary, to achieve target commitments
  9. Total Operations of the company like vendor management, office management, pricing management, time management, client management and vehicle management.
  10. Day to day operations problems should be resolved.
  11. Coordination with the clients to know client requirements, problems, to regulate business, to get new business.
  12. Calculation of material size, weight, vehicle required, do pricing and quotations.
  13. Handling, visit and coordination with the branches, branch functioning, cost control, solving branch problem and their requirements.
  14. Make system to control purchase/ vehicle running cost.
  15. Making systems and report like DSR/ MIS for smooth working.
  16. Mailing to the clients, self-correspondence etc.
  17. Make systems to improve business with other team members.
  18. Daily coordination with the other departments. Operations staff, branches to fulfill their requirements and for smooth working.