Accounts Executive

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  • Salary

    Rs 10000-14000

  • Experience

    1-2 yrs.

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  • Other

    Excle, Word, Tally ERP, Accounting

Accounts Executive

Hemal Parikh & Company is a well known Indian based Chartered Accountant Firm, which has some of the best Indian chartered accountants, corporate financial advisors and tax consultants. This enables Hemal Parikh & Company to provide a broad, range of services in accounting and other financial aspects to our clients both in India and abroad. We have an impressive track record in giving information and the correct guidance to our clients on matters ranging from, best business practices to company formation, accounting, corporate finance matters and the most complicated matters such as company laws,Income Tax,Service Tax and VAT. As we branch out our core services into Bookkeeping and Payroll processing services, we offer you no less than our best in terms of software and efficiency. As in every other aspect of our business, we have reason to believe that you will have no room for complaints.

Job Description

Accounts Executive   Should have knowledge of Accounting  (Sales, Purchase, Bank, Contra, JV Compliance knowledge (TDS, GST, PT) Bank reconcilation