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Enriched By New Innovation

Make A Career, And  Your Opportunities  Really Begin To open Up. That’s because our Business and our environment are based on imaging What’s Possible – and then choosing to go after it.

Who we are

Nothing can be more constant than changing it. In an ever-changing Competitive market, it is vital to evolve, move ahead and move on. Accordingly, as a career and professional networking portal that strategically brings together professionals and inter-dependent professional communities, it is essential that our strategies are not based on assumptions but involves a lot of intuitiveness, comprehension, and insight. Especially since we are Servicing with people and their aspirations for a better life and a better future, be it as an individual job seeker or a large conglomerate that envisions exponential expansions.

"We make this possible by offering a wide range of Opportunity  to people as possible will be able to afford them.”


  • Our main Aim is to connect to people who have required a job seeker and skill full person this is the best platform for Professional Career.
  • Hear Job Seeker also directly reach to job giver and easy way to communicate them for future aspect and goal.
  • It’s a Free Job Portal Platform any one can make their profile for business and career opportunity.  
  • The main Significant of this job portal is no any kind of mediator or Membership Fees So Feel Free and Create your Profile.

How we do what we do

The Profile of a company is Growing by Digital India  Times. A living entity in numerous Successful ways, it evolves, transforms with Global time. kkjobs, another success story from 99webschools. With few years behind it and countless awards later kkjobs has expanded tremendously and continues to show great potential for growth.                                                                                                                                                     our main mission and vision to set up a making India and Digital India growing for Upcoming Youth or generation.


99webschools.com is a Division Of this Group Which Effectively caters to the diverse needs of the School listing and Schools information in only one Platform. Because  If an Idea Is Worth Pursuing, We pursue it Passionately.


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